Overland Park, Kansas
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On Mother's Day of this year I found this dealership by chance. I was actively in the market for a Saturn SUV.

They had a beautiful one at their facility. I had been researching these vehicles for quite sometime. I found Zach in sales very well versed in the cars they had on hand and after a test drive purchased the Saturn. I am a nurse who works per diem with inconsistant hours and he went above and beyond to help me finance the car.

As did the rest of the team there.

Today, months later I could not be more pleased with my decision to do business with New England Auto Network. They are denizens of greatness.

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i bought a ford pick-up from new england about a month ago and told zach i would post a reveiw. zack is a young fast talker who just needs to slow down and try to ans.

his customs questions and then he would be great. he is a good guy just needs to be upfront with people he worked hard to work a deal to get me that truck and he met me in springfeild to help me out and that did when i got in to drive it home the gas tank was almost full not a low fuel light. that is a nice change from most dealers out their as for as other people how are not happy with this guys remeber you are buying a USED car if you want a new car buy a NEW car. my used truck is a nice used car serviced and clean when i called zach he ans.

or called right back i will buy my next car from them and wish them good luck and hope there dealership grows and is arould a long time.

i will tell my friends to buy from them and i will buy from them again. :)

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