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As an update the dealership will be changing the cat, breaks and everything I listed. The transmission I will have to go after Honda about that because transmission is still somewhat in good shape because it shifts through all gears even if its not smooth and has a know shudder, type 2005 Honda pilot Shudder problem, or Transmission, torque converter...

either one of those keywords should give you the information on pilots.

I give New England auto network credit and am very happy that they are making an attempt to have me satisfied, I know there are many dealerships that would leave me high and dry. So New England Auto network in Gill, MA thank you for contacting me to solve my issues with the vehicle.

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So I recently purchased a Vehicle in Gill, Mass from a small dealership called New England auto Network I tested a 2005 Honda Pilot and noticed fan made noise which dealer fixed thankfully. I was weary about buying it because the car made a vibration while driving at around 30 mph and 45mph I was told by the sales person that the strut needs replacing and the road i was testing it was notoriously rough.

I purchased the vehicle with 113,xxx miles on it for $9700.00 which I thought was ok for a dealer price. However I have had the suv for a little over 3 weeks and the check engine light came on. I brought my car into mechanic and payed to have the suv checked out for any issues. Here is what was found, Bank one catalytic converter needs replacing, brakes and rotors need replacing (rear pads down to 10% front down to 30%).

Sway Bar bushings loose need new ones, serpentine belt needs replacing. Worse of all Honda pilots Apparently have transmission issues. I found out that at around 30mph to 45mph the transmission often not always but often has very noticeable shudder, Which explained the

"rough Road"" because the road did not look rough at all it didn't click at the time because I didn't know about this issue, And I cant say that the dealer knew either they did know something was wrong but i bet or did not plan it to be the transmission.

Transmission repair is inevitable and will need to be made in the future I blame Honda for this because its apparently on many pilots even oddysi's and accords but My lack of research before buying let me to make a possibly very expensive decision. Will see what the Dealership will do for me because I can't afford to fix a transmission right now, even if I buy one on ebay....

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Update to this purchase dealer has made no attempt to help me, I have been forced to make all repairs myself and so far have spent over a grand like the vehicle hate the reliability. Before buying pay to have it inpected carefully if you are serious about buying here. Good luck to all future customers.


Very surprised to see these reviews on this dealer. My experience was so enjoyable that I referred two personal friends to them that we're searching for vehicles.

These guys were way different from your ordinary dealership and it was evident that everyone involved cared as much about our satisfaction as they did turning a profit. My friend purchased shortly after I did and was just as pleased as I was. Their prices are unmatched and their service was better than any other dealership I've purchased from. I felt the need to respond to these reviews with something positive.

They are definitely deserving of my praise. :grin

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