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A month later and I haven\'t heard a peep from them, even when after finally getting through to someone I was told, sure I\'ll take to my manager and get right back to you.

Original review posted by user Jun 15, 2012

First of all don't believe a word on their website, its all lies. They say "Buy from a dealer who gives you all the information you need and doesn't hide anything"; please, I wasn't shown anything about the car or how to use it, etc; I'm still trying to figure out how to use some things.

And the other night (the first I drove in the dark) I realized there was no dome light! Why would someone have taken this out and why on earth was I not told about it! Also earlier in the day I had a passenger and it was sunny out, so they turned down the visor and found some inappropriate writing on it, again I wasn't told anything about this!

They also say on the website "will go the extra mile to ensure you are getting a top quality product..." "We guarantee it!".

Well I called them about the above issues and was basically told tough, you bought the car used so you get what you pay for. They claimed they knew nothing of the writing, but really how could they not, they should know what they are selling! I was lied to and told they would look into this and see what they could do, but I've heard nothing back from them. Which brings me to the next untruth on their website.

They claim that their hours are 9-6 M-Sat and some hours on Sun, but I was rarely able to get a hold of anyone during those times!

even when I physically went down their no one was around, what kind of business are they running? I know one of the numbers is, and I have reason to believe they both are; but the numbers listed on the site are just cell phone numbers; the place ('of business' presumably) doesn't even have a number of its own.

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Kathy Monroe

I feel like we were dealing with two different New England Auto Network. I am sorry you had such a bad experience, but I felt compelled to say to anyone reading this please read my review.

They did everything they said and stood by their guarantee. Saw1 they do use their cell phones but I think that is great because it shows how dedicated they are to customer service and their business. As for the "dome light" issue I would suggest maybe next time before you get a vehicle be a little smarter about it and look over the car. Bashing them over your mistake doesn't seem too mature does it?

Hopefully reading my post changes your mind about them and makes your realize that they are all about customer service. :grin


I had similar experience they sweet talk through everything yeah it seems your getting a good deal till you run into an issue then its just a big hassle and frustration and you end up paying a mechanic to fix them yourself.


been there as well...they say they r there to do ""EVERYTHING"" for u the customer...I have found that to be nothing but a line of BULL... and now the owner tell ppl he will not deal with me...HELLO, U R THE OWNER R U NOT??

this makes it "YOUR" problem and "YOUR" reputation does it not. I would certainly want to clear this up in a hurry to save my company's rep wouldn;t u??

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