I was on craigslist recently and was looking for a Nissan Altima. I stumbled across New England Auto Network and went to there website.

The price that I saw amazed me. I didn't think car dealers priced cars like they did. Clearly the price excited me but I wanted to do my research on them before I contacted a salesmen. I went to Superpages and they had perfect reviews, then came to this site and saw a little bit different reviews.

I realized that it is tough to please everyone and gave them a chance. Not only was I satisfied but they went far beyond my expectations! I got in contact with Zach and he explained everything from the car, to their service, to the way their business works. No one ever told me about how much profit that a business they work at makes but he wanted to be "completely honest about every aspect." I drove 2 hours to come see the vehicle I wanted and instantly fell in love.

I felt so comfortable there and they were so nice and genuine. I couldn't even argue the price (which is normal procedure when buying a car) after seeing not only how clean it was, but all the information they had about it, and after Zach explained how they service vehicles. Kurt found me a bank within 24 hours and had everything set up for me. Being a single parent I don't have much time for anything.

I had everything I needed to finish up the deal. After payment it took about 3 days which gave me time to get all my papers in order and the vehicle was ready. To make it easier for me Zach and Joe delivered the vehicle to me AFTER work hours. They drove from 2 hours away, they probably didn't get home until 10 11 PM.

Thank you again guys!! I mean who else does that! When I got the vehicle everything they said they would do was done. I took it to my local garage and they said that the car was completely serviced and as good as new.

I couldn't be happier about doing business with them and with my new car. Thank you Zach, Kurt, and Joe you made it very easy for a single parent to get things done.

Not only will I definitely be purchasing my next vehicle there but I will be sending my friends to New England Auto Network!!! I hope this helps any potential customer!

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