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Yes, you read that correctly… 3 vehicles later.

I, along with my husband, have purchased 3 vehicles and our youngest daughter has purchased one.

I am not someone that typically leaves reviews, but this one is a must for me.

I cannot stomach “car sales men” (or women). I turn off immediately if I feel as if I am being pressured or “sold” to. In fact, I let Kurt know this immediately when I first walked through the door. (I also had a bit of an edge because I thought I would beat them at their own game). I quickly realized that this is not that kind of place.

Let me start out with the most recent purchase, being my daughters. As any parent with a teen driver knows, it’s very scary. You’re also often on a tight budget, yet want reliability and safety. We went to New England Auto Network and spoke with Zach, hoping that we would find something that would fit all of our needs. We truly didn’t think it was possible, but we hit a home run on this one. Our daughter walked away with a beautiful, mid-sized vehicle that is in almost mint condition. There’s barely any wear inside or outside of the vehicle.

We have also purchased two vehicles for ourselves. We are no different than anyone else, but when we were looking for a used vehicle, a little over 2 1/2 years ago, we were facing MANY trips from Western Massachusetts to Boston, due to health issues. We knew that reliability was an absolute must and that there was no fooling around, given our situation. We had to make a financially sound decision. Making that first purchase at New England Auto Network was the start of a great business relationship with Kurt and Zach.

Now, there are certainly many other dealerships out there. And truth be told, I have continued to check on another place that I have purchased vehicles at from time-to-time (even though this particular place, which will remain nameless, always has his prices above what is considered reasonable in industry standards) but I ALWAYS end up right back at N. E. A. N., for they have always been honest and fair.

Please don’t let any irrational ratings that you may find to dismay you from seriously looking into N. E. A. N. Keep in mind that no business has 100% positive ratings. The customer is not always right (Kurt and Zack will never make you feel like you’re wrong though). But you should always keep in mind that respect goes both ways. I could not be happier with this business (and I think 3 vehicles later is a pretty good track record).

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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